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Private Lessons & Offerings

Working one on one with students is a great way to address any physical challenges as well as dive deeper into your practice. I also work with couples, families and private events. I can support you in a variety of ways to achieve your wellness goals and design a personal practice that best serves you. 


Yoga - a variety of forms and styles. Focusing on alignment, breath and transitions and supporting your unique body type and physical activity level.

Pilates - core integration to strengthen the center and body. Great for individuals who have lower back alignments and those who want to find more strength in the body to support your athletic activities.

Psoas Muscle - addressing any imbalances in the psoas muscles, pelvis and hips, learning how to stretch, strengthening and release the most important muscle in our body.

Mindfulness & Meditation - learn how to still the mind and create a more peaceful internal environment. Helpful for individuals who struggle with anxiety or monkey mind. Or for those of you who have a stressful job and can learn tools to help stay balanced in tense situations. 

Healthy Living & Wellness - addressing our personal relationship around the foods we eat and the products we use and identifying how that impacts our individual bodies.

Please contact me for your personalized program and pricing details.

Private Lessons: Welcome
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