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"I enjoy the Vinyasa flow class on Saturday mornings at Soul Tree Lafayette taught by Dawn Thie because for each class she incorporates yoga teachings into her selection of poses. Since yoga is about body, mind, and spirit, it’s refreshing to hear the mind and spirit aspects behind why we are moving our bodies in selected ways."

"I really enjoy Dawn's yoga teaching style!  It's grounded in being aware of the breath, linking breath to movement, and helps me to relax and slow down.  She also makes sure that each student is listening to their body and doing what is right for them, not just their neighbor in the class.  I highly recommend attending a yoga class with 

"Having moved to the area recently, Dawn's flow class was the first yoga class I tried. I found Dawn to be warm and welcoming as a person and teacher, and she clearly knows her yoga. Her class has a good balance of yoga philosophy and asana, movement and breath. I have enjoyed every class since."

Luci Berte, 18-year yogi practitioner

Erin Dittelberger, LPC

Jeff D.

"Dawn is a warm and welcoming instructor and her presence alone creates a peaceful environment.  I often walk into her class on a Saturday and Monday morning feeling the tension of the week in my body, mind, and soul.  Sometimes I even try to talk myself out of attending a class with self-defeating thoughts that I am not strong enough, thin enough, or worthy of taking time for myself.  After a class with Dawn I am reminded that none of those things are true and I am more than able to not just survive, but thrive!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for sharing and guiding our practice, we will miss you. I may come find you in one of your other classes as I love your style and the philosophies/meditation you bring in." 

"Dawn’s an inspiring, energetic, fun teacher who always pushes you to beat your best and achieve higher limits with both verbal and hands-on corrections where needed. She’s a pure joy and I love her classes! (Soul Core Class)"

Molly Biel

Tiffany Petrone

Kirstie Maynard