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Meet me on the Mat

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to stop by. I’ve been a passionate Yoga Instructor for a while, and I look forward to sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Browse below to find my public teaching schedule. I am also available for private sessions, individual work or group events.

Where to Find Me: Welcome
Where to Find Me: Service

My Classes

Yoga Flow - Soul Flow

-Monday 8:30am MST

10:30a EST

Soul Tree Yoga, Lafayette

Yoga Flow

-Friday 8:15a EST

Saba Movement, Fort Myers

Yoga & Pilates

-Tuesday 7:30a EST

Fusion Wellness, Estero

Tone, Breathe, Stretch - Pilates & Props

-Wed 8am MST, 10:30 EST
Soul Tree Yoga, Lafayette


-Tuesday 8a MST, 10a EST

Anthem Ranch, Broomfield

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