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My Story

Yoga found me when I needed it most

In 2000 I was working in New York City for an Advertising Agency, stressed out and burning the candle at both ends. And that's when yoga found me. On my mat, it was the first time in my life that my mind was still and I connected to my body. I knew I had to have more of this new found peace. I began a regular yoga practice and had the honor of practicing under a master teacher since 2008. After years of practicing yoga, I started to find the inner peace I craved and I realized that I wanted to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible. In 2014 I became a certified yoga instructor in Brighton, MI. I'm trained in the classical teachings of Sivananda Yoga and certified in Power Pilates. I received my advanced training, RYT300 certification, from Soul Tree Yoga in Lafayette, CO.


Since 2017, I have been immersed in studying the effects of trauma on the mind and body, specifically with the psoas muscles. Understanding how the body holds and processes our life experiences. And through my own healing journey, learning how we can begin to heal one breath at a time. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools to help us release stuck experiences physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally. It is my dharma / purpose to bring these supportive practices to as many people as possible.


In my classes, I love to weave the spiritual teachings and messages of yoga to help guide students deeper into their practice. Honoring each students' space and place, I teach to the room and not just my lesson plan. I work to guide students to honor their bodies and not worry about making their body fit a pose. I've had many physical challenges throughout my life and have experienced how yoga can heal the body and mind. I believe this has been a gift because it has helped me understand some of the challenges my students experience.

After working 20 years in the business world, I feel blessed that yoga came into my life and I became an instructor to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible to assist them along their journey. I look forward to sharing yoga with you! Namaste.

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